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Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

Kendu Bay, Kenya

  • Participants were able to describe the challenges that young people encounter in the access of Sexual reproductive health and rights services.

  • The participants were able to understand and communicate SRHR issues in a relevant open manner.

  • Participants were well informed on the measures they can take to prevent unintended pregnancy and STI’s.

  • To enable participants to be able to prevent and manage commonly sexually transmitted infections.

  • To enable participants to list the qualities of a healthy or good friendship and state the boundaries of friendship.

  • To enable participants to identify the risks related to unhealthy relationships among young people

Property Description

Donnex Owino led the session focused on Sexual Reproductive Health. The topics

covered included common Sexually transmitted infections, signs and symptoms and

preventive measures.

Interactive activities, age-appropriate materials and open discussions were utilized

to create a safe space for learning. We also emphasized on empowering the children

to make informed decisions and to prioritize their well being.

In the afternoon, we engaged the children in creating skits based on topics of the

day and issues that affect them in the community. They later performed the skits

they created and were given comments on how to perform and manage their skits.

The children were later engaged in games and physical activities to promote their

physical health, build teamwork, boost self esteem and improve their mental health.

Contact Agent

Compassion International
FGCK Lwanda Church


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Kendu Bay, Kenya

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