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Hike for Dignity: A Walk to Help Others

Hiking is a popular outdoor activity and a fantastic opportunity to experience nature. But hiking can be utilized for more than simply being in shape; it can also be a venue for fundraising for charitable causes.

We had the chance to organize and participate in such an occasion, namely Hike for Dignity, which generated donations of funds and items to provide 300 students from a local school in Bondo, Siaya County, with necessary dignity kit items, including sanitary towels, tissues, and soap.

Participants during Hike for Dignity

School dropout rates, especially in rural Kenya, remain a big problem, especially for girls. UNESCO estimates that one in ten adolescent girls in Kenya skips school during their periods. Eventually, some stop going to school entirely due to menstrual-related problems. These problems might include a lack of cheap sanitary products, societal stigmas associated with menstruation, and a silence-promoting society.

Most young girls, who make up the bulk of the jobless and the poor, cannot afford the cost of hygienic items like underwear and towels. Some are usually left with little to no option but to turn to older men in the community who can buy them the items in exchange for sex.

On 28th January 2023, everyone gathered together, bright-eyed and enthusiastic, ready to tackle whatever lay ahead.

By the end of the day, we finally reached our goal for this second hike, having raised funds that will go a long way in achieving the required amount to purchase the items needed.

It is heartwarming to see people coming together to cause the greater good, making a difference lives of others, especially in communities that lack necessities most taken for granted in everyday life.

On behalf of Peperusha Binti, Lending Hands Initiative, Equal Voices - Siaya, and all the students that will benefit, Soulevement offers heartfelt gratitude to all who joined us for the hike.

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